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Lemongrass is home to one of the largest dedicated, credentialed SAP on Cloud teams in the world.


Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, synonymous with SAP on Cloud.

Using Google Cloud's Accelerators & AI Solutions to Unlock Value with SAP Data

Tap into the power of your own SAP data and Google Cloud's AI Solutions to attract new business, increase sales and productivity, deepen customer engagement, and drive impactful decision-making.


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How Google Cortex Cloud Platform can work together with Lemongrass services and capabilities

Google and Lemongrass have partnered to deliver differentiated data capabilities through their services and platforms that enable businesses running SAP to get (and keep) their competitive edge.

Watch this webinar to hear about customer stories and use cases regarding their specific challenges, and how they were addressed using data solutions such as Google Cortex Cloud Platform together with Lemongrass services and capabilities.

You will receive in depth information regarding the following:

  • Generative AI use cases and how companies employed these in their business processes
  • Building an enterprise-class core data platform supporting SAP and non-SAP data sources
  • How customers achieved outcomes in productivity, decision making and customer engagement


SAP on Google Cloud

Don't let business be disrupted by your move to the Cloud.  Learn how to keep data flowing with our SAP on Google Cloud services.

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