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SAP on Cloud: Is it the Promised Land?

Lemongrass recently commissioned survey group, Norstat, to conduct a study of senior SAP users at enterprises running or planning to run their SAP workloads on the Cloud.

The perspectives shared with us show a clear maturing of the SAP on Cloud marketplace. Previous concerns around cost, security and compliance risks are now being outweighed by demonstrable benefits such as greater agility, improved security, along with reduced operating costs.

We review in greater depth some of the key findings from the study, as well as explore insights into: 

  • Why companies using SAP have migrated to the Cloud
  • What results are being achieved
  • How enterprises are looking to maximize their investment in SAP applications and Cloud technologies to drive their business forward
  • Whether the expectations of migrating & operating SAP workloads on the Cloud have been met
  • What is anticipated to be achievable in the longer-term

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