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Lemongrass is home to one of the largest dedicated, credentialed SAP on Cloud teams in the world.


Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, synonymous with SAP on Cloud.

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Lemongrass - Synonymous with SAP on Cloud

Lemongrass has worked with AWS since 2010, helping customers move their SAP landscapes to Cloud. We have migrated hundreds of customers to AWS, covering thousands of SAP systems, and currently have over 8,000 SAP servers and 400k+ users under management. We are certified as an AWS Premier Partner with SAP Capability, and a Managed Service Provider, with a wide range of other certifications on the AWS platform.


Map Out your Journey to the Cloud

There are multiple things to consider when planning the migration of your SAP systems to a hyperscale Cloud solution-- including industry compliance, security, reliability, and cost. Lemongrass Cloud Strategy Services are designed to help you evaluate and assess the expected benefits and risk exposure. A Discovery Workshop with our Lemongrass experts can help you navigate this process with confidence.


Accelerate your SAP to Cloud Migration with a Proof of Concept

The decision to move from on-premise infrastructure to Public Cloud is not simply driven by a need to refresh the data center-- it’s driven by a desire to fix the more challenging aspects of SAP by:

  • Reducing cost of ownership
  • Increasing flexibility and scalability to meet business needs
  • Enhancing availability, disaster recovery and security
  • Enabling a Near-zero Downtime migration

Talk to Lemongrass about a trial to experience the benefits of Public Cloud firsthand-- with your own SAP workload.


Optimize your SAP Journey on Cloud

Simply “lifting and shifting” systems to the Cloud without modernizing them first precludes most of the key benefits that your systems can potentially deliver such as:

  • Near Zero Downtime operations
  • Increased agility, speed and performance through automation
  • Access to the latest technologies for business processes, monitoring and data analytics

Lemongrass’s expert team applies an SAP-Centric lens to a comprehensive assessment of your SAP on Cloud estate and then provides an overall Landscape Health Score and a prioritized set of recommendations to maximize opportunities and improve your score.


Get on the Road to Continuous Innovation

At Lemongrass, we see innovation as more than just a technology, it’s a mindset, a way of collaborative working and instilling a culture of exploration, experimentation and innovation. Running SAP on Cloud provides a platform for continuous scalable innovation and enables:

  • Continuous insights into your SAP data
  • Access to emerging technologies such as Data Lakes, Machine Learning and AI
  • An opportunity to rethink outdated processes
  • SAP API Integration

Talk to us about the best way to transform your business with SAP S/4HANA, the digital core and foundation of the intelligent enterprise.


Choose the Best Travel Companions

Lemongrass, Intel and AWS enjoy a successful and long-term partnership dedicated to developing, building, and supporting SAP on Cloud services that are designed to manage cost and complexity, accelerate business outcomes, and scale to meet current and future computing requirements.   Learn more about the Intel SAP instance portfolio on AWS.


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