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Is there a Perfect Time to Migrate your SAP Estate to the Cloud?

Lemongrass Live: Timing is Everthing

Our panel discusses determining the optimal migration approach to maximize benefits and minimize disruption in planning a migration alongside existing projects, and the powerful advantages enabled by Cloud.

SAP migration and modernization is not a small undertaking and organizations face a variety of options when choosing where and how to run their SAP estates.

However, SAP systems are the lifeblood of many companies and lie at the heart of many critical business activities – getting business approval to make changes can be highly challenging.

But on the other hand, the benefits of operating SAP workloads on the Cloud are extensive and fully proven, meaning that the key question organizations are now asking themselves, is “when is the best time to make the move?”.

With a panel of IT experts at AWS and Lemongrass, we’ll share insights and real-life experiences in this discussion on how to:

  • Migrate your SAP systems to the Cloud alongside existing & planned projects
  • Determine your optimal migration approach to maximize benefits and minimize disruption
  • Increase the effectiveness of future IT projects with powerful advantages enabled by Cloud.

The Panel:  Mike Laanen, SAP on AWS Cloud Architect, Mark Walker, APAC SVP Project Delivery & Micah Smith, Large Enterprise Business Development Lead, Migrations, AWS

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