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How to get the most from a Proof of Concept

Lemongrass Live: Test It!

Our Americas panel discusses and answers questions on ‘How to get the most from a Proof of Concept.’

Aspects of your SAP migration to the Cloud can be complex, and in some situations, it would be beneficial to have greater certainty or reassurance that the right decisions and approaches are being determined. Finding out early in the project if it can be done or not will minimize risk. It can also close any gaps between what the business wants (expects) and what can be delivered.

And with the agility of Cloud, you should be able to provide answers in a quick and meaningful way before significant time and resources are invested into your SAP migration.

With a panel of IT and business professionals, we’ll share insights and real-life experiences in this 30 mins live discussion on how to get the most from an SAP on AWS Proof of Concept including:

  • What aspects should you include in a Proof of Concept?
  • How long should it take?
  • How do you evaluate success?
  • How much should it cost?
  • What are the next best steps?
The Panel: Gary Valentine, SVP Customer Success & Innovation, Jas Adams, Technical Architect & Joe Melton, Cloud Innovation Manager.

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