The Four Markers of Migration Success

Four tried-and-tested ways to maximize value from SAP on AWS

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Maximize the benefits of SAP on AWS

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Solve the Paradox of Choice on AWS

Migrating your SAP systems to the Cloud can be complex and at times it’s challenging to know if you are making all the right decisions.

In our new guidebook, Lemongrass’s SAP and Cloud experts have collated their migration insights from having completed thousands of migrations in the last 12 years. We call it the Four Markers of SAP Migration Success. In this guidebook, we’ll explain how you can use these markers as guideposts through your SAP on AWS journey.

Discover how to ensure your SAP on AWS migrations will deliver long-term business efficiency improvements, greater business resilience and a more agile and innovative operating structure for business growth.

The Four Markers of Migration Success

These four markers can act as signposts to guide you through the SAP migration process — and maximize the benefits of SAP on AWS.



Achieve cost savings and deliver on the value of the Cloud


Business resilience

Minimize planned maintenance and protect your infrastructure


Business performance

Accelerate digital transformation for more data-driven decisions


Agility and flexibility

Increase responsiveness and innovation at the same time

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“We chose Lemongrass due to the company’s wealth of experience and proven track record of migrating and running SAP on AWS. Straight away we noticed how much faster everything runs on AWS, which is allowing our business users to get through their work more quickly and efficiently.” 

Michael Spandau, CIO and SVP for Global IT, Fender

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