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Architecting for the Cloud

Lemongrass Live: Think Ahead

In our experience, some of the biggest challenges arise from separating infrastructure from application architecture, or assuming lift & shift is the safest migration or getting caught in the great debate on SLAs chasing that last 0.9%, but not fully understanding how that can impact or alter an SAP on AWS landscape design.

In this Lemongrass Live session, we cover the science behind some of the commonly misunderstood areas as we:

  • Press reset on what is known and perceived about business continuity
  • Explore some of the design “shortcuts” and what they really mean post-migration
  • Examine the potential impact of the commercial race to the bottom and the significant business value that can be lost by not adopting Well-Architected solutions
The Panel: Eamonn O’Neill, Chief Customer Officer, and Jake Echanove, SVP, Solution Architecture, Americas.

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