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You can Achieve Near-Zero Downtime in your SAP Migration to the Cloud

Lemongrass Live: Fact or Fiction?

Our panel discusses how to achieve near-zero downtime and describes how this was achieved in relation to the Reynolds Consumer Products SAP to AWS migration.

SAP systems are the lifeblood of many companies and lie at the heart of many critical business activities. Just thinking about making potential changes to SAP workloads or associated infrastructure can easily cause pulses to race. Even making changes and updates needed to maintain the system health, stability, and security are often not possible due to the ‘catch 22’ of not being able to get the required downtime from the business to make these changes.

But organizations of all sizes across the globe have successfully migrated even the most complex SAP workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with near-zero downtime, minimal disruption and no data loss.

So, how have they achieved this?

With a panel of IT experts from Reynolds Consumer Products, AWS and Lemongrass, we share insights and real-life experiences on how to:

  • Fully discover the known knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns of your SAP landscape
  • Support your business in planning for a successful near-zero downtime SAP migration
  • Adopt automation in order lower risk and accelerate timelines

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