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SAP on AWS – 5 Key Opportunities for Retailers

In this webinar, we cover why AWS is the strongest partner for Retailers, the key SAP financial optimization areas for Retailers, and the 5 critical success factors to generate additional business value with SAP on AWS.


2020 may be over but its impact on the retail industry will be permanently felt.

The global challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have dominated the news as many countries have experienced national lockdowns, store closures, thousands of job losses, and in some cases, the start of a recession. Shopper behavior has also changed dramatically, as consumers have been forced into an online-only world, accelerating digital trends that were already in motion.

The rise of omni-channel has undoubtedly created an environment of heightened complexity for retailers, fulfillment excellence is quickly emerging as the new retail battleground and it will be those retailers that do this effectively and profitably, without damaging customer service, who will be the eventual winners.

Technology innovation deployed in retailers' distribution centers and warehouses promise significant business impact driving faster delivery, improved inventory management, and workforce efficiency – but do retailers have the necessary funding for such investments?

In this 45 mins webinar, business leaders from AWS and Lemongrass will discuss:

• Why AWS is the strongest partner for Retailers
• Key financial optimization areas for Retailers
• 5 critical success factors to generate additional business value with SAP on AWS
• Enabling agile and response retailing through Cloud technology

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